I still get questions from people that are new to social media, like “How To Like A Facebook Page & Posting A Comment”. For many of use, this can be pretty easy and it’s just as common as sending a text message or calling someone on a phone. So this is going to be another Super Simple step by step guide to liking a Facebook page and how to post a comment on someone or business pages wall.


How To Like A Facebook Page.


Step 1 – Sign into Facebook


Step 2 – Go to Facebook Search Bar on the Top Left


how to like a Facebook Page


Step 3 – Just like with Google or any other Search bar type what you would like to Search. Since I’m looking at a StateFarm mail we will search for “StateFarm”.



How To Like A Facebook Page & Posting A Comment



Step 4 – Select the Page that you would like to Follow. Press the Thumbs up “like” button




Once you “Liked” the page the screen will show that you liked the page.


Step 5 – Commenting on a post – Go to the Page you would like to post. We will just stick with State Farms. Below, is the first post on their Facebook Page.




Step 6 – We will leave a comment on this post. Write your comment in the Red box like the below image. You can also use Emojis or stickers to liven your comment up. The 2 faces next to the comment boxes are Emojis and stickers. Once you have written your comment – Press – “Enter”




Your comment will show instantly – Like below





So that’s it… Go ahead and start commenting and liking people’s┬ábusiness and pages. Remember to stay active and try to engage with people when you post comments or like a page. DO NOT be a Troll and say negative things to business or people. That is the fastest way to get dislike and banned from a page.






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