Search Engine Optimization

Get Found On Google!

Having your business listed on the top of the search engine results page by use of proper Organic SEO Marketing is critical. The Yellow Pages and your local phone book have been replaced by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Being listed favorably AND properly in those directories is the key to getting more customers.
Organic SEO Marketing is the CORE of what DigiWEI does. We take your business web presence and create a search engine and marketing strategy that will help your business grow.
We do Local SEO for cities such as Torrance SEO and other Southbay cities!

Pay Per Click Management

Drive Traffic To Your Website Instantly!

In the world of online marketing, pay per click (PPC) advertising is like a fast track to traffic.  PPC campaigns are a way to drive targeted traffic to your website, almost instantly!

While pay per click ads can drive traffic to your site quickly, setting up an AdWords account, figuring out which keywords to target, and managing the conversion costs can be a lot of work.  Suddenly the instant traffic boost isn’t so… instant.

That’s where an experienced partner like Digiwei comes in.  We manage your Google AdWords account to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck!  We keep a close eye on keyword cost, clicks, and conversions.  Our goal is to get you the most traffic for the least amount of money, making sure your PPC costs stay within your budget.


Web Design

Represent Your Business Online

Successful website design & development is more than just HTML and stock images. A website is an extension of your brand, the first face and emotional experience that many of your customers will see and feel. Creating a site that will leave your customers fully understanding your message and craving for more information about you and your business is what we do best.
DigiWEI’s website design and development service is not a one man outfit. We are an alliance of experienced and passionate coders, designers, writers, and developers who have one goal in mind: Your Success. Our team carries over a decade of expertise in every element of your new website.

Social Media

Socialize Your Brand And Your Business!

Social Media Marketing is about connecting with people. These connections are two way, meaning that you have to let your customers speak to you as freely as you speak to them. You don’t use your Facebook page as just a coupon or announcement wall, you use it to actively engage with your customers and learn how to improve and grow your business from their feedback.
Many businesses forget that within the phrase Social Media Marketing, the word “Social” is the key to using Social Media effectively. When leveraged properly, Social media breaks down the traditional barrier between “customer” and “shopkeeper” and allows them to exist equally in a space where they can carry out a dialogue that is beneficial to both sides.