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DigiWEI is an online internet marketing strategy group that was founded to help businesses develop or improve their online Website, Online Marketing, and Social Media Marketing presence. Our goal is to provide customized and comprehensive internet marketing solutions to help businesses grow through automation of their marketing needs. This in turn allows businesses and their owners focus on what they do best…which is to deliver their products or services.

DigiWEI is currently headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles area and offer local services to the surrounding cities. We, however, believe in the power of the digital world we live in and currently have clients (as well as team members) from around the world! How else could we demonstrate the global possibilities to our clients and their business if we don’t leverage that same technology for our own?

Much like a seasoned race car driver showing a brand new exotic car owner what their car can do, our online internet marketing team here at DigiWEI are on a mission to help other business owners and entrepreneurs open their eyes and minds to the possibilities of their business by leveraging the power of the digital world we live in today.


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From experienced designers to social media masters, these are the people who power DigiWEI


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Experienced internet marketing team of strategists

Each one of our internet marketing services is backed by a team of specialists that have years of experience behind them. Each of our team members were hand-picked based on our philosophy of delivering exemplary service and results with solely our clients in mind.

Our internal culture is also reflected within much of the strategies we employ with our clients. We enforce a strict philosophy of a solid work-life balance work culture and that is why one of our goals with our clients is to help them develop a strong enough web presence to afford them a better quality of life.

Just because you own your business, doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to your business.