Today, I’m going to go over an Amazon email scam that I received.


A couple of weeks ago, I received this email from Amazon saying your order of this exercise bike and it’s being shipped out to you and should arrive on July 23rd, Friday. Obviously, it’s a red flag because I didn’t order any exercise bike. My wife didn’t order any exercise bike. And why are they shipping me exercise bike? So, that’s the first red flag.


The second one is it’s being shipped to some address and that’s not my address. I live in California. This is Oklahoma. So, why would you send me one out there when I don’t even know anyone out there? That’s the second red flag.


The third red flag is,  I looked at the email and it says “pair line.” If this is really Amazon support, it would be an Amazon branded email like support@amazon.com. Not going to some Gmail that doesn’t make any sense. So, that was a third red flag. When I was looking at this email and looking at everything. The first thing I did, obviously it was when I got this email is I went onto my Amazon account and checked all my purchases and made sure there was nothing in that was purchased on that day and nothing is being shipped out. And when I looked on there, nothing was being shipped out or nothing was even ordered. So, that’s good cause that means they’re not charging any of my cards or anything. That means whatever’s on this email is they want me to click through something and possibly go to their link or whatever. Some people always say don’t ever open an email that you don’t know. But I opened it obviously cause I’m showing you this, but I didn’t click on any of the links that are on this site, on this email. The only link really that works is this one that says “Exercise” and I didn’t click on it cause I don’t know where it goes. But sometimes you can hover over it and it’ll tell you what the link is or where it goes to. So whenever you receive email like this, you don’t know who it’s from, don’t click on anything that links. Obviously, it looks like it’s from Amazon and you open it and you didn’t order something, make sure you don’t click on any other links on there because who knows what it’s going to do or who knows what’s going to download to your computer.


So just be careful out there and anytime you should receive email from someone you don’t know, always question it. Basically, there are a lot of scams out there. I don’t know what the scam is or what this is going to do, but I don’t want it to download anything to my computer because then there is a possibility that they could get my information or other things from my computer. So just be careful, this Amazon email scam out there and make sure you have software on your computer for virus protections, malware, anything like that, just to prevent anything from being uploaded to your computer. Just be safe out there. Question everything from email online.


If you guys have any questions or you’ve encountered any of these types of emails or different ones from maybe other companies, let me know. I’d like to hear about them. Anytime I receive some type of scam looking email or something, I’d love to share with you guys just so you guys are aware.