What Is The Best Website Hosting Company For Your Business

What Is The Best Website Hosting Company For Your Business

If you have a business I think you should have a website. A website is a way for a consumer to do their research, we are in a time that everyone does research on a company before they do business with them. One of the best ways to control what content is being said about you and controlling the information is to have a website that you own.


The first thing you need to do when building a new website is to have web Hosting. Hosting is the place where you will store all your files for your website. Hosting companies have servers where they store all your data. Each hosting company offers different services like storage, email, backups, Live support, etc.  It’s important to do your research and find which company does works best for your business needs.


Here is my top 5  list of the Best Hosting companies we have used. I’m rating the companies how stable they’re (website downtime during an issue) and customer support, secure (hacks, Malware).


  1. HostGator – A couple years ago I wouldn’t have recommended HostGator, but they really have changed something. The Customer support has been really good and the downtime on websites have all but disappeared.
  2. Arvixe – We changed a few clients over from Hostgator to Arvixe a couple years ago and it’s been a good transition for them. No issues with website downtime, if they have an update they will help you make sure everything is ok. The customer support has been solid also.
  3. GoDaddy – I think GoDaddy has one of the best customers supports out of all the hosting companies. You actually get to talk to a live person. Hosting side is stable but for some reason, my clients do experience some slow down time to time.
  4. BlueHost – Decent hosting company, I never had issues with the websites I was using on it. Customer support is pretty responsive.
  5. DreamHost – Same as BlueHost, one thing I did not like was if I wanted to talk to someone I had to have a certain Hosting package.


*These are just my opinions and experience I had with all these companies. I have used other ones but the above are my top five picks.


I found this great chart on different hosting companies and how PC Mag Rates them:


Website Hosting Companies


I have actually had the opportunity to use/ work with most of these companies. We at DigiWEI have spent some time using the customer support on quite a few of these.


What I did notice with hosting companies experience is that it really depends on each individual business. I’ve had clients that started of with one hosting company, but their site got hack or something happened and hosting couldn’t help and the problem was reoccurring. We changed over to another company and everything was fine and running smoothly. I’ve used some companies and had no issues, where my clients used them and they had a lot of problems. I always recommend that you do your research and find what company fits your needs and wants.

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