Today, I’m going to go over a phishing scam that my client received on her website.


So I’m going to share with you a phishing scam that my client received a couple of days ago. This was filled out on her contact form on her website. And what this person is telling her is that she’s in copyright infringement for some of the images on her site which is false because they’re all stock images. This person wants us to take it down or they’re threatening to sue us for infringing on their property, basically. So my client came to me and she asked me, so is this legitimate? What do we need to do to solve this? And I’ve seen this type of email actually on our Digiwei site before. So they filled out our contact form, threatening us saying that we have images on our site that is basically their property. So I knew that was false because when we created the site, some of the images are mine and some of them are stock images. So right away, I knew it was a scam and they’re trying to fish for information. Since I saw this, I told her to hold off, don’t do anything and let me look into it. And when I looked into it, just looking at this at the contact form, I noticed a lot of misspellings, a lot of weird grammar things that are being used on a lot of the text like “this” versus “it’s”. Who does that? You know, on every single like apostrophe “s” or whatever “I\I’ll” or whatever, it has all these weird grammar errors that no one does. Who does that, you know. So, right away that kind of flagged it off for me. And then they telling me to click on this link to go some place which is another red flag. You never click on something that you don’t know where that link’s gonna take you and who knows if I click on this, what’s going to happen on my or something’s gonna be down on my computer or so on. Luckily my client didn’t click on anything, just contact us right away. And basically I told her don’t do anything. This is basically a phishing scam and they’re just trying to get information from you or get you to pay them for nothing.


One of the other things I did do is I took this person’s name, Meleena. I took Nikon and I put it in Google search and right away just cause I put that name in, all these other things came up about phishing scams. The first phishing emails came up. So, that’s another thing to do. If you get one of those, Google that person’s name and see if something comes up because if it’s a scam and you click on a link or something who knows what could happen. So just be very careful with any weird emails you receive from people or if someone fills out your contact form on your site, just be careful of what they are trying to do to you.


So if you guys ever have any questions or if you receive some emails or any threats like this through your contact form or emails, you can go ahead and contact us at Digiwei. And we can help you figure out what it is, if it’s a scam or if it’s not a scam. It’s better when you’re more well informed of what’s going on. So again, be careful out there. Don’t take everything out, all emails or anyone’s word for what’s happening. Just always be alert, especially with internet. And a lot of this stuff is targeted at older people so be very careful and let your parents, grandparents, whoever, if they’re running a business, let them know about these types of phishing scams.


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