Today, I’m going to go over how to flag a review on Yelp and Google My Business.


When you have your own business, you’re bound to get reviews on Yelp, Google My Business, whatever platform is out there. And there’s also specific ones for different industries. but today I’m gonna just go over how to flag a review that you may want to get removed from your profile. Again, this doesn’t always work, but it’s always good to flag a review because you never know if Yelp or Google will remove it for you and sometimes a person leaving the review, they just might¬†have a bad day or whatever. So it’s always good to try to remove any negative reviews that are showing up on your profiles.


Here are the steps to flag a review on Yelp. This one you don’t have to log into your profile or anything, or log into the backend of Yelp. You can just do it straight from actually what the users see. It’s pretty simple. When you go to the reviews, say you see a bad review, we’ll just pick one. One the top one you picked, press the three dots. That’s going to give you the options. And then all you have to do is select report. And from here, it’s going to give you the different options of why you’re reporting your view. So depending on what the person writes in the review, I would pick it from the options. So, they’ll let you know if it violates policy or not, or if they’re not going to flag it. So say you pick one and it says, it’s within their guidelines, I would actually go through their review. I pick out some of the words, like maybe that might go under Yelp’s policies. So like it contains false information or something like that, if you really want to get removed one of those at least give it a chance. Like I said, it’s not a hundred percent, but it’s good to try to flag bad reviews. It’s good to flag bad reviews because you never know who’s reading it. You can, like I said, it doesn’t always work, but it doesn’t hurt to try. So once you press that, it’ll go to the next screen telling you if it was reported or not, and from there, they will send you an email saying it was removed or it wasn’t removed and here’s why. If it wasn’t removed, then you can always come back and select another option so you could keep on trying. But like I said, it’s not a hundred percent, but it’s good to try. So that’s how to do one for Yelp.


For Google My Business, if you go to your business page, it brings up the page. So once you go to reviews, this is all on the front end. I’m not doing it on the back end. You could do it on the backend as well, which is a little easier, but say, if you’re logged in to your personal account and you saw something, you just wanna flag it right away. There are the vertical three dots. Now for Google My Business, you press on it. And then you just press report review and then you select which one it is. Google is a little more lenient on removing things compared to Yelp, but Google does take a lot longer to respond to let you know why something was or wasn’t removed. So go ahead and select one of the options again, like I said, if it doesn’t get removed, go ahead and try it again. It doesn’t hurt. It does take longer. So you might not hear, or you might see a response that they received it, but it might take a lot longer for them to actually let you know why something was removed. If you do it from your backend on the Google My Business platform, I believe it is a little quick. I feel like it’s a little bit quicker on how they remove reviews. So it’s always good to do it on your business account.


So give it a try. And this is how to flag a review on Yelp and Google. So if you guys ever have any questions, please let let us know.