What’s up you guys? So, today I’m going to go over my top five apps for your WordPress website.


So, you finally have your website built on WordPress and you get to the plugin section and there’s like a ton of plugins. You don’t know which ones to add, which ones you shouldn’t because there are so many out there and some of them could be dangerous because if they don’t have updates, it could compromise your website. And who knows who’s creating those plugins? So here are my top five plugins for your WordPress website.


First one is obviously going to be an SEO plugin. The one we use most often is Yoast SEO plugin and I like this one because it’s easy to use. They have a feature where you could add your Google webmasters, create a site map. It’s super easy to use and it’s user-friendly. But they also have all in one SEO plugin which is also good. Sometimes I use that depending on sometimes my clients have the plugin already installed and they’ve been using it. So I just use whatever plugin they have and it’s usually between those two, Yoast SEO or all in one SEO plugin. They’re both very good. They basically do the same thing. They both have options where you could pay for the premium functions on there. If you really want to go deep into SEO or do other stuff with the plugin, I do recommend purchasing the premium.


The second one, we talked about these before, is security plugins. Obviously, you want to have your WordPress site secure because WordPress sites do have a tendency to get hacked or get malware on them. So, you want to have a security plugin in on the site. There are a couple of different ones currently, the best one that we’ve been using is iTheme security. They do have a premium option as well. We do have the premium option. So, it just makes our site a little bit more secure and there’s another one called Wordfence. It’s is also pretty good. We’ve used it on other sites and they both basically do the same thing. I would do research on which one you liked the best but we use iThemes and we haven’t had any issues.


The next one is a captcha plugin. So this puts a captcha, one of those secret codes. When someone is filling out a form or going to leave a blog comment, this just gives an extra security to your site so that you know that they’re a legitimate person and not some bot out there. So getting a captcha plugin, right now we are using a really simple captcha I believe. And it’s pretty simple to use and easy to install once you put the plug in. So I recommend that one but there also other plugins out there. This is the one that we are using. We’ve noticed with all the ones that we are using, they do have constant updates which is good because it prevents anyone from entering into the back door or through a plugin.


The next big one is a website backup plugin. We use a backup buddy and this obviously it backs up your website. If something happens , say if someone, if you have malware on your site or something went wrong with your site, you always have a backup.  The hosting companies, they do offer backups as well. If you have that, you might not need this but it doesn’t hurt to have it. But sometimes if you’re not paying for the backup from depending on your hosting company, they save the most recent backup, usually within a month. I believe that’s the farthest they go back. Make sure you have a backup plugin on your site so you always have the additional security for just in case.


The next one is the anti-spam plugin. It just basically stops a lot of the spam comments, spam stuff that happens when you have a blog or even on your certain pages of your site. Like I said these like the anti-spam, the captcha, the security plugin, they’re not a hundred percent. They won’t a hundred percent secure your site because if someone really wants to get into your site, they will get in. So having these is just an another layer of protection that you have for your website and it’s always good to keep your plugins up to date. And if you forget to update it, then it might leave a hole in your site where a hacker or someone could get through and place whatever malware or whatever they want on your site. So always be safe, always update your plugins. Have a backup and for marketing or SEO purposes, download one of those SEO plugins, Yoast or all in one SEO. They’re easy to use and I highly recommend them.


So again, if you guys ever have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I will put the links to the different plugins in the description box. Go to our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or even to our website if you want to find out more about our services or you want to contact us.