“Should I Be Using Social Media For My Business?” is a question I hear a lot when I meet both new and more seasoned business owners.

My answer is always YES!

I’ve heard every excuse out there not to use social media. One of the most popular ones is the time factor: it takes too much time, I don’t have enough time, etc.

I have a message for all business owners / entrepreneurs: if you aren’t using social media to promote your suitableness you are shooting yourself in the foot (or your businesses foot)!

In this day and time social media is one of the most powerful tools to get your business name out there. All you need is one post, video or picture to go viral and your business can be instantly showcased in front of millions of people.

I know that social media can be very overwhelming for anyone, especially for older businesses owners who are used to networking, phone calls, in-person meetings. But you can start with just one platform. It could be:


twitter Twitter

linkedin LinkedIn

instagram Instagram

snapchat Snapchat

etc…. the list can go on and on.

Trends show that people are most familiar with Facebook but the younger generation hangs out more on Snapchat and Instagram.

My tip: If you really don’t know which platform you should be on,  just choose Facebook. They have 1.7 billion active users on Facebook (statistics from Hootsuite). And most likely your target market is using Facebook because most people use Facebook.

So, become a master on one platform, then you can add another. If you pick any social media platform your business can be successful, the key is to pick one!

And remember, if you don’t have time for Social Media and you have a budget to hire a team to do it for you. We (DigiWEI) can help you with your social media needs 🙂