What To Do After You Build Your Website

What To Do After You Build Your Website



So you finally have your website up and running and you want to know what do you need to do now to at least get traffic going to your site or maybe start analyzing what’s going on with the website, stuff like that. Here are the next steps once your website is up.


The first thing is set up Google Analytics and Google Webmasters. Google Analytics helps you analyze what kind of traffic is going to your site, what people are doing on the website. Are they coming from mobile? Are they doing this? Are they going to these certain pages? Google Webmasters gives you information about how they found your site like keyword. If they came in through a certain keyword or phrase and how they found your website or if your website showed up on Google, but they didn’t click. So setting up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster is the first thing you should do.


The second thing is you want to come up with at least 10 keywords or phrases. It’s something you could do very quickly to at least have your website ready to be optimized for these keywords or phrases so Google knows exactly what your website is about. What you want to do is think like your customer or your target market and go into Google and start searching keywords. How would they search online? It could be Bing or Yahoo, just how would they search online? Go through that process to come up with some keywords or phrases that you could put on your website.


The third thing is adding those keywords or phrases to your website. So, basic on-page SEO. I would keep it very simple. When you search in Google, then you see the search result and it has SEO title and then a meta-description. What you want to do is edit those parts on your website. So if using WordPress, I recommend downloading Yoast SEO plugin and it’s very easy for you to update the title and the meta description. That’s all you basically need to do right now. Just keep it very simple. Just update the title and the meta description. If using Wix, Shopify or Squarespace, they have their own SEO plugins and just go on there and fill out the title and the meta description. So third thing is optimizing the site, doing on-page SEO, filling out the title and the meta description.


So those are the three things that you should be doing right after you built your website, it’s up and running and get traffic going to your site. Google Analytics and Google Webmasters, basically you would research or come up with a list of 10 keywords or phrases that you can put on your website. And then the third thing is on page SEO, putting those keywords into the title and meta description of the site. Later on, you could either go in when you have more data on than analytics or Google Webmasters, you could go and update your keywords, meta-description, title, tags, and do more SEO if you need to or hire an expert to really optimize the site for you, where they’re looking at the site speed and the flow of how everything moving your website making you sure you have everything installed properly. These are the beginning steps that you need to take to at least get your site going for SEO.


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