Today, we’re going to talk about why you should update your profile picture. Last week, I was having a conversation with my friend Todd, he’s in sales and does distribution stuff and we’re just talking like how we normally do hanging out. And one of the things that came up was him telling one of his friends or coworkers that he showed up to his profile picture on one of these dating sites because his friend’s physical appearance has changed a lot, he looks different and it’s a good thing to update your profile picture. They were talking, I realized this is a good opportunity to let everyone know that not just on dating sites, but even on social media, like LinkedIn, your website, Facebook, Instagram, wherever you have a profile picture, it’s always good to take time to update that picture.


The reason when you want to make update is because when someone goes to your site and then if they meet you in person, they know exactly who you are and they won’t feel like they’ve been cat fished or something like that, you know, or you’re not the person who you are in the picture. For example, I think realtors are notorious for using their picture from when they’re in their twenties or when they’re younger. And they don’t really update their images as often, which they should, because when you go meet them, you want to meet the person that’s on their card or on their website or something like that. It’s good to update to your profile picture because people want to see what they see online, in person. If you haven’t updated your picture in a while and maybe you lost a lot of weight or even if you gain weight or you have a facial hair or something that’s changed to your appearance, you want to go in there and update that picture on all your social media platforms and on your website of course.


One of the positive things about updating your profile picture on social media is those, usually social media platforms they see that as like you’re doing an update to your profile or you’re posting something. So, in their algorithm and it’ll I give them marks to your profile. So updating it, just like how we do with websites if you update it, it’s good in the Google algorithm so updating that picture helps with their algorithm.  And like I mentioned earlier, if people go to your social media or go to your website and they see a picture that you have from 20 years ago and then they meet you in person, they might not like that because they might want to do business with the person that they saw in the picture and it’s kind of deceiving sometimes and people don’t like to be deceived so it’s always good to have that picture updated. And usually you don’t want to just update your picture with a selfie shot or something, make sure it fits with your industry. So, if I feel like a CEO, you’re really businessy or a lawyer or something, maybe you want to do a suit and tie or if you’re a clown or an entertainer or a clown outfit or work with what’s in your industry. So portray what your industry is about in that profile picture. It also helps the person that is looking at your profile picture to kind of get a better feeling of who you are in that industry. So make sure that profile picture matches what your industry is. For me, a lot of online marketers, some of them are kind of, they wear suits and ties but that’s not really my style. I like to be more like a polo shirt or even like a t-shirt and just kind of be more relaxed because I like to come to a lot of my clients in a more relaxed, comfortable environment where they’re comfortable with me and I’m comfortable with them. If it’s too, if I’m wearing a suit, it’s too stuffy for me, my full personality doesn’t really come off as well as if I were kind of casual like this or wearing a polo shirt, but that’s just me. So work with how that profile picture match with in your industry. And you don’t need to go get a professional photographer. You could use do yourself a lot of phones nowadays capture really good images. So, you can use your phone. If you have the budget, go ahead and hire a photographer. Do your research on photographers. Their budgets vary from low budget to very high budget, depending on what you’re looking for and depending on what they do and what they can make it for you. If you want to go with the paternal photographer, go get one. If not, go ahead and take a selfie from your phone and edit a little in Photoshop or one of the editing softwares on your phone.


So that’s why you should update your profile picture on your website and also social media and not just on dating sites or whatever. It’s good on dating sites, because you always want to show who you really are. The same thing with current social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all those things and on your website of course, to have the most up-to-date picture of who you are right now. So when people see you, they know who you are and who they’re going to meet when they meet you in person.


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