3 Offline Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

3 Offline Marketing Tips for Local Businesses


What are 3 things you can do offline to grow your business?


Join your local chamber.  A local chamber is a place that has networking events that support local businesses. It’s a great place to meet new businesses owners or people in your community that might need your services. There are events like ribbon cutting and networking events where you can meet new people in person.


Join a business networking group. When you join this group, you take that category for your business. For example, our category is online marketing and we joined a certain networking group. No other online marketers can come to the group and join. Since we’re taking that category, we won’t have any competition. So, that means everyone in that group can start referring us business.


Find networking events. When we first started out, we went to different working events like Meet Up, different chamber sites and different sites that offer networking events. We wanted to get out there, meet new business owners, learn from them, get experience, possibly give and receive business.


The more people you know, the better. Networking can definitely help your business get more exposure. So, get out there and start growing your connections.

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