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Pay Per Click Management Torrance CA

In the world of online marketing, pay per click (PPC) advertising is like a fast track to traffic.  PPC campaigns are a way to drive targeted traffic to your website, almost instantly!  


Pay Per Click Account Management


That’s while pay per click ads can drive traffic to your site quickly, setting up an AdWords account, figuring out which keywords to target, and managing the conversion costs can be a lot of work.  Suddenly the instant traffic boost isn’t so… instant.

here an experienced partner like DigiWEI comes in.  We manage your Google AdWords account to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck!  We keep a close eye on keyword cost, clicks, and conversions.  Our goal is to get you the most traffic for the least amount of money, making sure your PPC costs stay within your budget.


  • Target the right words.  Keywords, and keyword phrases, are the building blocks of all PPC advertising.  Targeting the wrong keywords could end up costing you a lot of money.  We take the time to find keywords that are much more effective and cost efficient.  We’ll find the keywords that will drive more traffic to your site for less money.
  • Conversion management.  Stop paying for traffic that isn’t going to convert!  We keep a close eye on your clicks and conversions, making adjustments when necessary, to keep your cost down and your conversions up.
  • Keep an eye on the data.  If your Google Analytics isn’t set up correctly, you could be missing important warnings and information about your PPC traffic.  Our experts will make sure your accounts are set up the right way and connected so that you have all the right information at your fingertips.
  • Remarketing.  Did you know that you can target visitors who came to your website by didn’t convert?  This is called Remarketing and has been proven to reach qualified traffic for a lower cost.  
  • Call tracking.  See which of your PPC ads lead to a phone call with Google Call Tracking.  Linking clicks to calls gives you a powerful insight into what works with your AdWords campaigns.  We’ll set up the tracking so you’ll get the full picture of all your visitor’s activity from your website.



A Team Who Knows PPC


If you’re ready to ramp up the traffic to your website but don’t want the hassle of managing your own pay per click account, reach out to us today!

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