How To Post A Blog & Do SEO on WIX

How To Post A Blog & Do SEO on WIX


Here’s how to post a blog on Wix and how to set up the basic SEO.


The first thing you would do is when you log into your dashboard, go to the blog section, click on the blog and it will take you to the Published page. From here, you’ll see all them ones that have been published and you can also go to your drafts, see which ones are in draft and which ones are scheduled to be launched if you have anything scheduled and also the ones that you’ve deleted.


So to start, create a new blog, you want to go to create a new post. This is where you’ll set up your blog post where you’ll have the title and under that would be the content part of what you’re going to be posting or talking about for the blog. Let’s just say, New Blog Post 1. And then I’ll just I’ll type whatever in the body. If I want to bold it, I just select from the option above and bold it right there. If I want to change the color, very similar to a Word document or how Word works or any document apps work. Same thing. If I want to link it to another page, it’s also in one of the options at the top. If I want to add an image to it, I’ll go to the left pane and click the Add+ button. There’s images and there’s also video. So if I want to add a video, I just click on it and I could insert the YouTube video. But since I want to add an image, we’ll go to add image and it should take me to the media folder where I can upload images that I’ve currently in my library. We’re going to select and put in our blog posts add to page and it inserts the image to my blog post. And if I want to shrink the image or make it larger, I’ll just pull the dots on the sides and bring it in or bring it out however I want it. If I want to add a link, press the link button and then add a URL to add a link to the image. Or I could go in and change alignment of image however I want to similar to Word and other document tools that you use, the same thing. Now that we have our image in there and the contents in there, now let’s go to the SEO.


All we have to do to get the SEO is click on the magnifying glass and it brings up your SEO settings. This is where we will change the SEO title and description. For the SEO title, you want to make sure you add those keywords in there that you want to target for the blog.  Put those keywords in. It gives you a number count of how much you can, how much is in there already. If you don’t put anything, it will take the name of your post for the SEO description. This is the description part of when you do Google search into Google search, you’ll have that description box under the website name. If you don’t put anything in the box, it will just take the first couple of lines of your blog post. So make sure you put your keywords and keyword phrases in the box so that Google knows what this blog page is about. and you’re targeting those keywords for SEO.


When you’re done with the creating your SEO title description, go back to your blog. And if you want to preview it, you press preview. This will show you what the blog looks like on the live website and you want to make sure to check this because sometimes what you see right here, isn’t what you get on the live site. So go ahead and double check and make any changes on the blog post to make it look the way you want. So maybe I wanted to save it so I could go back and edit later and I’m not ready to publish it, I’ll go save to draft and this will be saved into my draft section on my main blog post page. Or maybe I’m done with it and I want to schedule it to post maybe next week. So I’ll schedule the post and I could pick the date and time of when this post will be live. If you maybe set a day to do multiple blog posts, you could set each blog post to launch on different days and times, or if I’m just done with this blog and I’m ready to make it go live, I’ll just press publish and it will make the post live.


So that’s basically how to add a blog in Wix and how to get to your SEO tags and make sure that you put those SEO keywords into the title tag and the description box so this blog post may show up on Google.


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