Should Your Business Use Yelp?

Should Your Business Use Yelp?

Blog #4 of 30 in my 30 day blog challenge: Should your business use yelp?
Yelp seems to be one of the most controversial and most asked about review site I get asked about. A lot of the questions I hear from business owners are:

  • “Should my business be on Yelp?”
  • “Do I need to pay to be listed on Yelp?”
  • “What if I get a bad review?”

These are just a few of the questions I hear. To answer the first questions “Should my business be on Yelp?” Yes, especially if you offer a service or have a storefront. This is just another way for people to get exposed to your business and another outlet for you to show off.

Some facts about Yelp, As of March 31, 2017:

Should you use YELP

  • They had 127 million reviews for the First quarter of 2017
  • Average Monthly Unique Mobile App visits is 26 million
  • Average Monthly Unique Desktop visits is 84 million

You can check the statistics here: Yelp Stats

The last question I usually get about Yelp is: “Should I pay for ads?”
This really depends on what service you are offering. Yelp is good for some business but not all businesses. Before you even start looking into Yelp ads, I recommend getting a few reviews to your page first.

Good practice on Yelp

Yelp can be a big help to your business, as it has millions of users. The thing is, no matter how hard you try to avoid being on Yelp, any of their users can add your business on it without you even knowing. It’s best practice to create or claim your business on Yelp. This way, you can control the images and service information that is on your business page.
Remember, you can’t control the reviews you get but you can respond to all your reviews! It’s good practice to respond to all your review positive or negative.
You want to definitely respond to any negative review you get. If users see that you are responding to a negative review and offering something to help that customer that had a bad experience, it puts it back on the Yelper who complained. Of course, you can’t do this with all the negative reviews as some people just like to complain and are trolls.
Yelp is all about reviews, if someone doesn’t see any reviews for your page they are less likely to use your service.
I believe you won’t get the best results from ads if you have hardly any reviews or no reviews to your page.

So, should your business be on Yelp? Yes, your business should be! More importantly, be proactive to get reviews and respond to your reviewers.

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