Don’t Have Time For Social Media?

Don’t Have Time For Social Media?


What if I don’t have time to do all the social media? I don’t have time to be on Facebook. I haven’t been on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Tiktok. I don’t have time to be on there posting and doing whatever. I have to run my business. So what do I do? I don’t have time.


What I tell them is, you make time. You don’t need to be on every single platform. It’s good to have in the beginning to maybe set up your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Set up your profile on all these platforms so you have them. Go ahead and create a profile for all of them. It doesn’t mean you need to use all of them. Just maybe you set it up and once you’ve set it up that’s when you figure out what platform do I really need to be on because maybe you don’t need to be on Facebook. Maybe you need to be on Instagram or Pinterest or Tiktok. You don’t need to do every single platform. If you’re in business, you could just probably focus on one of them that when you need to really be on and your business could be successful if you do it right, obviously. But what I tell people especially when I’m giving these talks or whatever is, you don’t need to do everything. Pick one platform depending on what your industry is. Do some research. Figure out where you need to be.


So if you pick Instagram, focus on Instagram and become an expert in your business on Instagram. You don’t need to spend hours doing this or creating content. What you do is set a time out of the day or even the week. So at a time, maybe you just pick Wednesday. Every Wednesday, I’m going to create content and schedule my posts for Instagram. Just make time because you’re not running your business all the time. It’s just like you take time out to go eat lunch or a dinner or go run errands. Set in your calendar like you have a meeting. Like at this time I’m going to find content and post on Instagram. And what you can do with Instagram is set out those times when they’re going to be launched.


So, basically make time to create your content and post on these social social media platforms. Pick one platform and go with it. Just don’t try to do everything because if you do everything, you’re not going to get anything done and you get overwhelmed. Pick one platform for it depends on your business, your industry and what you like. If you like video then do YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok. If you just like to post out little blurbs, go on Twitter or Facebook. Just pick which one interests you, what you think you could do well in and where is your target market. Is your target market on Instagram? Are they on Tiktok? Are they on Facebook? If they’re an older group, maybe they’re on Facebook. But get out there and pick one platform and focus on that. Focus on that for six months, try it out and then get in your calendar to start setting that time to make posts. Let out the content, release the content.


Don’t give it to the excuse that you don’t have time to do this or that because we all have the same amount of time in a day. It’s just, how are you using that time? Maybe instead of going downstairs on watching a Netflix or YouTube great content. |It’s basically that easy, we all have time and do it for your business.


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