How I Got Into SEO & Internet Marketing

How I Got Into SEO & Internet Marketing



This is blog #2 of 30, for my 30-day blog post challenge.


I am asked all the time “How did I get into Internet Marketing” or “How I started my own business”. I’ll just start off on why I got into online marketing or more specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I was in-between jobs at the time and really looking for something that I would love and enjoy doing… I wasn’t too happy at my last job and was just there for the paycheck and some of the people. So I decided to make a website for my friend’s auto shop in Garden Grove. This website is pretty bad and it still hasn’t changed to this day.


You can check it out here: Quoc Auto Repair Shop


Anyways, after creating this website, I was wondering why isn’t this website showing up on Google. So I was looking up “how to make a website show up on Google” or “ranking a website” and I discovered Search Engine Optimization. I asked my mom about this since she was running her own business and had her own website. That is when she told me to go to this workshop her and her partners at the time were having. I went to this workshop and met Wei Houng who taught the class how to do basic SEO. I talked to Wei after the class and asked him if he had an SEO book that he recommended.


He said “I’ll send you my SEO e-book” and he told me to come to the next class the following day.


I read his book that night and took his next class, that’s when Wei asked me “would you like me to mentor you in SEO” at the time I wasn’t really doing anything so I said “Yeah sure”… little did I know that would change my life.


I took all the knowledge that Wei gave me and applied it to my friend’s website. My friend’s website was ranking and getting a lot of good traffic to his business. So much traffic that he told me to stop what I was doing because he was too busy. He just wanted to be busy enough so he can travel to Vietnam for 3 months out of the year, and that’s what he does every Lunar New Year.


Here is some Google Business Page Stats for Quoc Auto:


After seeing how I can help a small business succeed online, I was pretty much hooked. I started learning all the ins and outs of not just SEO but how to run a business and other aspects on internet marketing.


Then in 2015, Wei asked me to take over DigiWEI and become his partner, and basically, I could run it however I wanted. I always wanted to own my own business but really didn’t know what kind of. When he offered I was terrified but I accepted and that’s how I became a business owner.


I love helping businesses become successful online. I have gained more knowledge in these few years owning my own business than I have working in a corporate job. Taking the chance and becoming a business owner is one of the scariest and most challenging things someone can do. It has its ups and downs but it’s all a learning experience and has made me strong as a person.


The next blog will be more technical. I’ll talk about how to do basic keyword research for your business.

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