How To Get More Clients Online For Your Small Business

How To Get More Clients Online For Your Small Business



Another question that we often get asked during our talks at a business event is… how to get more clients online for small business?


There are two things you can do that’s basically free that you should have for your business especially if it’s a local business or you have a physical location. First, get on Google My Business. It helps you promote your business on Google. It helps you show up on Maps. When someone searches for your service or certain keywords you have on this page, your business may show up.  All you have to do is create a Google My Business page and get it verified. Google usually sends you a verification card to verify that your business is legitimate. Complete your profile by updating all information on your Google My Business account – your address, what services you offer, pictures, logo, etc. This will also help you show up on Maps.


Second, you should be on Yelp. Make sure you’re in control of that profile. If someone already created your profile on Yelp, make sure you claim it. Your Yelp account should also be verified and profile is complete, just like with Google My Business.


These are the two things that we recommend for a business that’s just starting – Google My Business and Yelp. Start getting reviews. When someone leaves a great review, respond to them and show your appreciation by thanking them. If someone leaves a bad review, you should definitely respond to it. Don’t try to be confrontational even if it’s not true. But be out there and make sure to resolve their problem. If it’s not a legitimate review, then report it to Google or Yelp so they can look into it. If it doesn’t get removed, the best thing to do is always leave a response. Try to show that you’re willing to try to help them figure the problem out.


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