How To Get More Customers By Updating Your Website – Part 2

How To Get More Customers By Updating Your Website - Part 2

How To Get More Customers By Updating Your Website – Part 2

Part one of this series we helped you focus on understanding your business’s goals, who your customer is, how you define success, and communicating better.  


Now we’ll get more into communication and we’ll provide you with tips about winning customers over before they even contact you.


Let’s get back to it!

#3 Match the Geography of the Page to the Chronology of the Mind


Has this ever happened to you?


You walk into a restaurant, hungry, and rather than bring you a menu so you can decide what to order, the waitress starts telling you all about her day?  She blabbers on and on about how she decided to be a waitress, how she started working at the restaurant, and how she’s going to provide you the best waitress service you’ve ever experienced?




That’s because when you walk into a restaurant they know exactly why you’re there and how they can help you – and they do it right away.


Your website should be no different.  Once you understand what your customer is looking for online, address that need on your website as soon as possible.  Don’t waste precious online real estate showing or writing about things your customers don’t want to know.  Stay away from jargon.  Help them solve their problem quickly.


In other words, know what your potential customers are thinking when they are looking for your services and match your website to meet them where they are.  


But don’t stop there and leave them hanging!  Lead your potential customers to take an action.  Provide clear next steps that they can take to start doing business with you, whether it’s filling out a contact form, scheduling an appointment, or even simply making a phone call.


#4 Stellar Customer Service (Before They’re Even a Customer)


Don’t wait until you’ve won a new client to start providing good customer service!


A visitor to your website might be kicking the proverbial tires, but they shouldn’t have to pay you money before they feel like you care.  Provide an option for potential customers to get in touch with you in a quick, immediate way.  One way to do this is through a live chat service.  


The simple truth is having a salesperson hover around while you’re browsing is annoying, but it’s even more annoying when there’s no salesperson in sight when you do have a question.  


This is where live chat is lifesaver: it’s faster than email and more efficient than a phone call.  Customers can get their questions answered quickly and go back about their day, plus it gives you a chance to capture their email address (with their permission, of course).


The best part?  Simply allowing potential customers to pull up a stool and talk can give you an edge over your competition.  You’ll hear direct from the source what they’re looking for and you’ll be able to help them in the moment.  Take that, competition!


Bonus – Can Search Engines Find Your Site?


Really want to boost sales on your website?  Then make sure the search engines can find you!  If Google doesn’t know you’re there, your customers will never find you online.


  • Are your pages indexed?  Make sure your web pages are being indexed by the search engines.
  • Plugins can help.  If your website is WordPress, there are a couple of plugins that can help you with your SEO: Yoast and All-In-One SEO.  
  • Optimize your on page elements. Make sure you’ve got unique title tags and meta descriptions for each page of your site.  Put the most important keywords towards the front, and follow the guidelines on length.

Make Your Website Work For Your Business


Websites can be a great sales tool, but only when they’re designed and written well.  Everything you do should be with your goals and customers in mind.  Talk to your customers about their problems and how you can help solve them.  Make sure information on the site is clear and easy-to-find.  Give your customers something to do, lead them to an action, and provide them with clear, trustworthy information to give them a reason to take that action.


Oh, and don’t forget to track your data!  How will you know if the changes you make work if you’re not paying attention to important metrics?



Don’t give up!  Just having a website won’t guarantee a boost in sales.  You need to have the right elements in place and track your progress along the way.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea of doing that, then call a professional with years helping businesses just like yours get more out of their website and online marketing.




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