How To Post A Blog On A WordPress Website?

How To Post A Blog On A WordPress Website?


Today, I’m gonna show you how to post on a WordPress website. So, a lot of our clients are on WordPress and one of the things they always ask me is how do you post a blog on my website?


Here’s, how to post on your WordPress website. When you log in to your account, you’re going to see the dashboard or something similar to it. You might have different stuff on the side, but you’ll always see like Home, Posts, Pages, Media and stuff like that. So what you’re going to do to post a blog is just go to Posts and you can either go to the All Posts page or all the blogs. Or if you want to just create a new blog right away, just press Add New and this is the page where your new blog will be. This is the new post and right at the top is going to be your title of your blog, whatever you wanna name it. In the area below it is going to be where you write your content about whatever the blog is about. You can change the font or make it bold, similar to a Word document. This is basically the same thing. The symbols are all the same. If you want to add a link or if you want to change the color, you can just select from the options from above.


If I want to add a picture or maybe a video uploaded to my site. I just go click Add Media and it takes me to this takes me to upload a file from my computer and it goes into my media library. Once you upload something from there, it goes to your media library and then you could just pick whichever one you want image you want.  You can insert it into post and then you could also change the Alt Text, Title, Caption, Description or even edit the image. You want to fill out the Alt Text for SEO purposes as well but that’s another video all in itself. So there, it would post the image in into my blog post and I could just adjust the image to however I want and similar to how you do it in Word. I can save this as a draft if I want to or preview it to see how it’s going to look on the website.


So if I want to add a link to any of these, I would just highlight it and then insert link, whatever link you want. When someone clicks on it, it would go to that link. Same thing with pictures as well. You could add links in the images as well. Usually when we go to the website we put Yoast SEO plugin or all-in-one SEO on the back end. So you want to fill out the SEO meta tags. You could put whatever you want for the SEO title. And then the little box for the meta-description area, if I don’t put anything it’s going to take the first paragraph. Fill that out as well. Featured image is what the main image of the blog post will show. Some websites they show images and then the blog post. That would be the featured image.

So from there, say you want to make any edits to the posts. All you do is go back to your home screen or go to All Posts and then it will show all the posts you have on your website. And if you wanna do a quick edit, you just click edit and then you can change the name of the blog to whatever you want. Add categories, add tags. I could put it back into draft if I want to and just update it. And then it would basically put it back into draft and take it off the live site for now. If I want to trash it, delete it or look at it. You can do that all there. On the side are just SEO things like SEO score readability. You don’t really necessarily need to know all this right now, but that’s basically how to post a blog on a WordPress website.


If there’s any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a messages on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you.


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