Leverage Your Business For The Chinese Lunar New Year

Leverage Your Business For The Chinese Lunar New Year


Happy Chinese New Year! How do you leverage your business for the lunar new year?


First thing you wanna do is go out there and find out what is done on new year. If you’re in an area that is prominently Chinese, learn a little bit more on what their culture does for the lunar new year. In Vietnamese, they call it Tet. It’s the same time but they call it a different thing. Depending on when you’re located, you wanna find out more about what the local community does for the lunar new year so you could take in that celebration with them. You could also show them that you’re part of the community and that you are open to experiencing their culture and values and that you appreciate them. Do you research on your demographic in your local area.


Second, get on social media. Wish people happy new year and celebrate it with them. You could offer some promotion. If you’re a florist, you could offer something that is significant for the occasion or sell a lucky bamboo tree because it is popular during this time. It’s an occasion that isn’t just one day. In China, they celebrate it for the whole month. In Vietnam, they do it for a whole month as well. It’s an opportunity for you to offer your services and make your own spin on it. You can be creative and offer promos or discounts for the occasion. Act locally, but think globally.


These are the couple of things you can do to leverage the holiday. You might not celebrate it yourself but maybe you can start and use this opportunity to market your business. You can do something special for each holiday and take advantage of it to grow your business.


We wish you a happy lunar new year. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact us.



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