2019 SEO Strategies

Must Do SEO Strategies For 2019

Happy New Years Everyone!


Its 2019 and Google has changed a lot in the last few years… or even the last year.


Here are some quick Search Engine optimization (SEO) tips for your website.


  1. Title Tags & Meta Tags – These are the first things people your visitors from Google will see. So make sure you have the right keywords in these areas and make the content attractive enough for someone to click.
  2. Optimize your Images – make sure your images load fast and easy to access for your users. Make sure you add your keywords to the files names and remember to add ALT Text to every image.
  3. Content – We’ve all heard this one the last couple of years… Fresh and new content is important not only for your visitors but for SEO as well. The more you update your content or add new content the more Googlebots will visit your site.
  4. Call to Action – Always have a call to action on your website and landing pages. You want to make it easy for your visitors to know where they need to go to take the next step to work with you.
  5. HTTPS – SSL – This ensures that your website is Secure. Even if you do not have an e-commerce website it is still good to install an SSL certificate on your website.


The core of SEO hasn’t really changed over the years. These 5 easy steps are something you can implement right away in your website that will help more people find you and your website.

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