OMG! People Still Use The Yellow Pages?

OMG! People Still Use The Yellow Pages?

Back in the days before the internet, GPS, and smartphones, people used to use the Yellow Pages (YP) to look up businesses/ services/ people. The Yellow Pages was a big yellow directory book that was delivered to your doorstep.

For those of you that don’t know, Yellow Pages still exists today! Here is an image of what it looks like these days:

Yellow Pages LA


So, why am I talking about the Yellow Pages?

Yellow Pages is still relevant today, and people are still using it to advertise. Yellow Pages no longer only offers a physical book of their directory, but they also have an online service now… you can check it out here:

I talked to a good amount of people that have used or are using the YP to advertise and here is the information that I gathered:

  • Most people prefer to advertise in the online version of the Yellow Pages, not the physical YP book.
  • Their offer for businesses on their online directory is that your business listing will be advertised to their users. People that use to find business will see an ad for your business.
  • Yellow Pages website is relatively similar to Yelp and other review sites or listing websites.
  • You can always learn more on, although I would warn you to be careful if you request more info as they will start quite aggressive advertisement.

In my opinion, advertising on Yellow Pages is not worth while. Why? Because you are only advertising to those users that use!

What you should:

Create your own business profile on All businesses should do this because it’s another way someone can find your business.  I recommend to add your business on as many directory websites as you can, it does take time but it is definitely worth it.

In the Search Engine Optimization or Online Marketing world, we call this citation building.  I will go into building citations in the next blog and why it is important to do this.


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