How To Post Your First Blog Post On A WordPress Website

How To Post Your First Blog Post On A WordPress Website

Before we go into “How to post your first blog post on a WordPress website”, let’s go over briefly why you need to have a blog on your website. When we talk about Search Engine Optimization, we have to include content creation. What helps websites rank or get more visitors to your website is content. You have to have great content that educates, informs or entertains your readers. Google sees new content as you updating your website and the more relevant your content to someone’s search, the more likely you will show up in their search.


The first step is to Login to your WordPress backend. It might look like below unless you have a custom design.


How to post a blog in wordpress website


Once you are logged into your WordPress backend. Go to “Posts” on the left menu bar. Select “Add New”, this will create a new blog post page.



You should now be on the below page. This is where you can create your new blog post.



To create a title for your blog, just enter the content where it says “Enter title here”



To add content to your blog, you can add it in the below area. To add an image or video, press on the “Add Media” button. It will ask you to import the media to the website before it can load it to your blog post.



Once you are done writing your content, you can categorize and tag your post so people can search for certain topics easier. If you need, you can create new categories.



If you would like to set a featured image (this is the image that will show up on the main blog page for that post), go to the right side and under “Tags” you will see Featured Image. You can upload an image for this blog.



Once you are done with your blog, go to the top right in the “Publish” box and either “Save Draft” to post it later, “Preview” what it would look like on the live website, or “Publish the post.



That is how to post your very first blog onto your WordPress website. Just to be sure, go to your website and check your post out. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.


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