What Is Hyper Local Marketing?

What Is Hyper Local Marketing?


What is hyper-local marketing?


Hyperlocal marketing is targeting customers in a specific geographical location. So instead of targeting a big city like Los Angeles, we focus down more and maybe target a smaller city like Gardena or Compton for example. But go even more hyper-local is targeting within that city instead of just targeting the whole Gardena. Maybe we’re targeting a few blocks or neighborhoods in Gardena, which can be done nowadays with Google ads or Facebook ads or even Yelp. It’s targeting those customers in that very, very specific location. The goal is usually to drive in a foot traffic to your business. Like for example, if you’re a restaurant or a clothing store that’s a brick and mortar business, you want to target specific area around your business to attract customers to come in. That’s basically what hyperlocal marketing is.


Nowadays in search, one of the more popular ways to search is typing in “near me”. If I’m looking for a dentist, people use a site and search dentists in Los Angeles or dentists and Torrance, California. But nowadays with GPS and stuff like that, you can search for things that are closest to you. So you type in like dentists near me or a restaurant near me or for example, optometrists near me. Just something that is close to your proximity. Not to be too technical on how they do it, but they take your IP or where you’re located and it’ll give you results of what businesses are near you depending on your search. If you use Google Maps or Yelp and you just type in a restaurant or a doctor, it will show you the nearest businesses, what you searched near you. So you can do that as well and Google it and that has become very popular nowadays. It’s a search for whatever your keyword is and type in near me. A lot of businesses are doing that. It’s targeting, it’s focusing on that keyword near me. So you could get that walk-in traffic to your business.


Some tools that you use to do hyperlocal marketing is obviously I mentioned in previous videos is using Yelp or Google my business because those, especially if you’re on a budget, are the free tools you can use. When someone searches from there and they’re looking for something kind of instantly or they need that service right now, being on there is a good way for you to start doing hyperlocal marketing. If you have a little bit more of a budget and you can look into Google ads where you could focus on using that geographical location using a zip code. Maybe take a few zip codes and target that specific location for your business.

Same thing with Yelp, you could target a specific location. You can’t really go into zip codes. With Yelp, you usually just kind of pick whatever is in that circle around you in the map. Also you can use for social media the Facebook ads. Facebook ads is really good to target a specific location in your business. You can also really go really deep with Facebook and type in either gender, the age, where they’re located, are they interested in whatever? So Facebook has another place that you could run ads. Also Instagram, you could run ads to specific locations. So these are good options for you if you have a budget to market for if you really want to do some hyperlocal marketing for your business.


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