Why Do I Need A Website For My Business?

Why Do I Need A Website For My Business?


Today, we wanna start out Q&A series answering questions that we’ve received throughout the years of doing online marketing. These questions came from a lot of business owners, new business owners that maybe just had their business for a year or less than a year, entrepreneurs or even people that are just thinking about owning a business. These are the questions that I’ve received throughout the years.


First question is, “Why do I need a website or do I need a website?” and the simple answer is, yes, you need a website. If you’re gonna be in the service industry or if you’re gonna be selling something or even if it’s just an information site. It’s always good to have a website because this is one place online that you can control everything.


Social media is good but you are still confined to what Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or even Google My Business allow you to put up there and what you can and can’t say. So they have control of that. With your website, you can put whatever you want – you can put whatever information, whatever content or whatever you wanna sell – you can put it on your website. You have a choice of how it’s gonna look, the design of it, the feel. This is important because you want to have full control of the content that you are releasing compared to if you’re just doing social media. You can build your business on social media but you are confined to things you can’t say or what you can’t put out there and you’re confined to what the social media platforms allow you to put on there.


For your website, it’s always good to have it. Sometimes it can be expensive to build your own if you’re doing WordPress or Joomla or a bunch of other ones. It can be expensive if you do your own custom WordPress site but you can build it yourself if you’re just starting. There’s Wix, Square Space, they all have websites you can build on there. They are good to start off with if you don’t have the budget to create your own website. It gives you the opportunity to design whatever you want and put your name out there.


I do recommend getting your own domain name or url just to make it look like your business. In my own opinion, it doesn’t look good if you have it like coryfreitas.wordpress.com because it has WordPress like there. So, make sure to buy your own domain. You could buy it from anywhere – Godaddy, Hostgator, Siteground – any of those places where you could purchase website hosting or domain.


But remember, I do recommend getting your website for your business, locall business, because it is one thing you can fully control. You aren’t restricted to what you can or can’t say on that website. As you can see, during this time, in the political stuff people are being censored and there are things that social media is censoring. Not saying that your business would do that but you just wanna have something you have full control of just like waking up every morning you could put on whatever shirt or clothes you want same thing with your website.


So, that’s question number one for this series. If you liked it or have a question, please feel free to message us on our social media like Facebook, our website or email us – info@digiwei.com.

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