Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

The internet has connected the world in ways we couldn’t have imagined. In just the last 15 to 20 years, the internet has grown so much more than we expected. Information is at our fingertips all the time and to get an answer to almost any question we have, all we have to do is take out our phone and “Google it”. In the age of instant information, instant content and social sharing, it’s more important now that you have a website that is mobile-friendly or as developers would say “responsive”.


Why you need a mobile-friendly website for your business, personal brand or blog:


  1. 3.5 billion users use mobile internet (statistics from Statista).
  2. It will help your Google ranking.
  3. It’s user-friendly when on a phone or tablet. Easier to navigate.
  4. Loading speed on a mobile device is faster.
  5. People are more likely to stay on a website longer with a mobile-friendly site.


These are just a few reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website. For those that can’t tell or don’t know if they have a website that is mobile-friendly, you can use a lot of free tools that will let you know if your site is mobile-friendly.  Here is one I recommend using even if you have a mobile-friendly site:


Google Mobile-Friendly Website Test


Here is a test of the DigiWEI.com website and the results.


Google Mobile Friendly Website Test


The good part about this test is it will let you know of any errors that your website might have. While I ran the test on the DigiWEI website, it did bring back an error. I’m glad I’m writing this blog or I probably wouldn’t have caught the error til way later. I know can have my developer fix the issue and correct any errors we might be having.



Since we have been doing a lot of update to DigiWEI.com, something might have affected the mobile-friendliness of the website. It’s good practice to check the Google site and see if everything is running smoothly to them. The reason why you want to follow Google standards is that millions of people use Google and if you are in good standings with them, you’re more likely to rank in Google Search.


Make sure you have a mobile-friendly (responsive) website. Your users, followers or loyal fans will appreciate you for it. You’ll look more legit in your fans’ eyes and Google’s eyes when you have a responsive website.

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