Yahoo Fake Emails, Hackers, & Phishing

Yahoo Fake Emails, Hackers, & Phishing

Just the other day I received a couple of emails from Yahoo Mail. Yes, I still have a couple Yahoo emails and no they are not for work. These are my personal email accounts that I really only use for personal stuff and to sign up for an email list that I don’t want to go to my main email account. Anyways, one email said that I should be careful because my Yahoo email account was going to be disconnected. Here is a picture of what that email looks like.


Yahoo Mail Phishing


In my case, I never take any action when I get any type of email like this… especially if it’s for an email account that just for my miscellaneous stuff. The first thing I noticed is that the email from the sender isn’t even a Yahoo account…kind of weird when Yahoo wouldn’t be using their own email system and they are using a Comcast email. That already looks shady to me. So a little more digging and I notice that the link that they provide doesn’t even go to a Yahoo address. So what I did was hover over the link and “right click” and press “Inspect” and it showed me this:


Yahoo Mail Hack email


This is showing me that its going to the url –, obviously that looks shady and I shouldn’t click it.


Later that day I receive another email from Yahoo, that looks like this:


Yahoo Mail Hack email


I am pretty sure this email is Legit because it’s from a Yahoo email all the source links go to Yahoo sites and the Grammer and spelling the email is correct. If this email is not legit then whoever created it did a really good job.


Anyways, so be careful when you see an email that looks slightly off and always be aware of the senders. Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet. Who knows what could have happened if I clicked the link or downloaded something. I still have to be careful because some Hackers have ways of harming you even if you just open an email. I am not a developer, coder, hacker, so I don’t know all the rules when something like this comes up but I just want to make sure that you are careful what you open.

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