Top 5 Best Tips To Optimize Your Google Business Page

Top 5 Best Tips To Optimize Your Google Business Page

Google Business has grown a lot in the last year and I’ve noticed a few features that a lot of business owners didn’t even know existed or they just don’t use because they don’t see the value. Here my top 5 tips for improving your Google business presence.

1 . Make sure your Listing Profile is 100% complete – You’ll want to make sure everything is filled out from the Name of the business to Service locations, Office hours, and a description of the business – make sure you use keywords in your profile description.

Google Business - Completion Percent

2. Add Pictures, Logos, & Videos – these can be pictures of your business location, store photos inside and outside, current and complete projects, and your team or staff.

Google Business photos

3. Get as many reviews as you can. Promote your business page so people know that it’s out there. Once you get a review, respond to both positive and negative reviews.

Google business Reviews

4. Start creating Posts in Google Business. Similar to Facebook where you can write post for your business, Google now lets your do the same to promote a product or service your offer.

5. Enable Messaging – You’ll have to download the Google Business App for android or apple. This lets your potential customers send you a message if they have a question. It another good way for your Google business profile to have a call to action if a customer has a question or is on the fence about using your service. Being responsive is one of the keys to getting more customers.

That’s my top 5 simple tips to using Google business for your business. Its a free tool that can really make your business stand out and get seen online by thousands to millions of people… why not take advantage of it. We all know that Google controls what we see so it only makes sense to use this Google tool for your business.

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